The Daley Speakers Academy

Founded by Dr. Kevin Daley, an internationally renowned author and speaker, and esteemed former captain of the Harlem Globetrotters, The Daley Speakers Academy is a transformative program specifically tailored for former athletes, coaches, and sports industry professionals. This unique initiative provides a comprehensive pathway for these individuals to pivot their careers and harness their sports expertise into successful speaking ventures.

The Daley Speakers Academy
is not just an institution;

it is a testament to the power of transformation.

We understand that the transition from sports to a new professional life can be daunting. The skills and characteristics that made you excel as an athlete - discipline, teamwork, resilience - are the same ones that will propel you in motivational speaking. Yet, channeling these strengths into a new arena often requires guidance and support.

Our comprehensive online training program is specifically designed to help you hone your speaking skills and develop your unique voice. We also offer one-on-one personalized training sessions, where you'll receive tailored guidance from some of the best coaches in the speaking industry. With us, you're not just gaining knowledge; you're joining a supportive community that understands your unique journey.

to former athletes

The value of the Daley Speakers Academy to former athletes is immeasurable. We offer a bridge to a new chapter of your professional life, a chance to inspire and motivate others with your stories, experiences, and lessons learned on and off the field. You've mastered one stage; now it's time to conquer another.

At the Daley Speakers Academy...

...we believe in your potential to inspire, to lead, and to make a difference. We're here to help you channel your athletic career into a successful journey in motivational speaking, and we're committed to making your transition as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Dr. Daley knew the difficulty of the transition, and he created this academy so you don't have to go it alone. Join us, and let's start your new journey today.

"Retiring from the sport you love doesn't mean you stop inspiring people. It's just a change of court. It's about harnessing your experiences, your victories, your struggles, and using them to uplift others."

- Dr. Kevin Daley

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1 on 1 Coaching

This is the former athlete, coach, or sport industry professional who is highly motivated to achieve their first $100K in speaking revenue promptly. They are not keen on pursuing their objectives single-handedly and are seeking the guidance of a coach and the support of a community to assist them through the process. Essentially, they're after the swiftest route to success and a proven structured system!

45-Day Blueprint

This blueprint is for former athletes eager to transition into motivational speaking quickly. In just 45 days, transform your athletic journey into compelling, paid speaking gigs. A concise, effective guide for sharing your insights and stories with impact.

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